Persepolis in Shiraz

Built during a time when the Achaemenid empire was one of the richest and most powerful civilizations in the world, the Persepolis is one of the greatest and most significant capitals of this glorious empire.

Since the Achaemenid empire was expanding more than ever, this vast realm undoubtedly needed more than just one capital to be governed correctly. This Persepolis is one of the six capitals of the glorious Achaemenid empire’s kingdom.

The imperial remnants of the Persepolis, also known as Jamshid’s Throne, will definitely take you back to the past times, provoking your sense of admiration and making you wonder how this historic site was built at that time without the modern equipment.

The unique architecture of Persepolis shows that hundreds of the most experienced architectures, engineers and artists were gathered together from every part of the world to build a symbol for peace and equality. That’s the reason why you’ll notice tons of architectural elements from various traditions while visiting this collection of cultures.

Persepolis is consisted of three general areas; the treasury, the military quarter and the reception halls which contain the following palaces. The Apadana Palace which is considered to be the largest palace, The Tachar Palace which was exclusively built for the Darius the great himself, The Hadish Palace or the Palace of Xerxes since Xerxes built it as his private residence on the terrace, The Harem of Xerxes, The Palace of Artaxerxes, The Gate of All Nations, The Hall of a Hundred Columns and other unknown areas.

In order to access the terrace, on which there are the ruins of several colossal buildings, you’ll be ascending the 111 steps of the dual stairway known as the Persepolitan stairway. Then you’ll reach the monumental portico known as the Gate of All Nations.

As Persepolis is known to be showpiece of Achaemenian art, it’s noteworthy to mention that you’ll notice various cravings and patterns on Persepolis walls alongside the figures and the statues like the immortal army or the lotus flower.

Due to these unique features, glory and magnificence of the remains of the giant structures in Persepolis, it has turned into one of the most famous historical attractions in Shiraz. By choosing our tour packages, we assure that you will not miss any details while visiting every part of the site without being in a hurry. So get ready to take a trip to Iran with the help of our visa services and immerse yourself in the Achaemenid empire time and much more.

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