Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse

Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse is one of the most stunning bathhouses of Iran and one of the best tourist attraction sites of Kashan. It is located on the Alavi street and the alley of Sultan Amir Ahmad mosque in the historical texture part of the city. This prominent tourist attraction site is actually near to several ancient landmarks such as the Borujerdi House, Abbasi House and Tabatabaei House and as a consequence, you could simply walk to these nearby destinations either before or after your visit to the bathhouse. An intriguing fact that is worthy to mention is that in the urbanization after Islam, it was customary for each city to possess the 5 fundamental elements of urbanization including a mosque, a bazaar, a historical house, a bathhouse and a traditional cistern.

Hence, the Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse is considered as one of the key points of interest in the city of Kashan. Bathhouses are one of the structures that require a sophisticated architecture and a perplexing design. As a matter of fact, the main principles of its foundation are extremely complex.

In the olden days, traditional bathhouses used to be built beneath the surface of the ground and the basis of it were built in a environment surrounded by soil in order to save the heat and energy consumption.

Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse owns an octagonal structure form which is basically the grand hall and it also contains an octagonal pond right in the middle of it. The interior areas are surrounded by 8 colossal columns that separate the seating section from the interior section. The bathhouse is 1102 square meters wide which the whole area is adorned with astonishingly splendid decorations.

The rooftop of the Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse is one of the symbolic spots of Kashan and the key subject of most photographers. The true masterpiece of the Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse is, in reality, its rooftop which is considered as one of the most exquisitely magnificent domed rooftops of Iran. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not miss the opportunity to proceed your way up to the rooftop and capture the memorable moments during your visit to this remarkable landmark. There are several domes situated on the rooftop which each contain convex glasses. The reason behind that is hidden in the scientific features of the convex glasses which is passing enough light through the glasses for different sections of the bathhouse meanwhile playing the part of the visual obstruction for the inside of the bathhouse from the outside.

Kashan is a desert region city, consequently, it has sweltering summers and quite chilly winters. The best recommended time for traveling to Kashan is from the late March up to the late July or from the late September up to the late October, since the average minimum temperature is around 20 centigrades during those periods of time.

On the other hand some tourists actually prefer the season of autumn for traveling to Kashan. A season when the mother nature is charming with the dance of its yellow, orange and red leaves in the tranquil blow of the autumn breeze, which all in one will assuredly create memorable moments and unforgettable experiences.

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