Traditional Bazaar IN KASHAN

Traditional bazaar of Kashan is considered as one of the most fundamental and exquisitely designed attraction sites of Kashan which is also a historical complex consisting more than 40 historical and ancient landmarks such as several Timcheh AKA a small bazaars or Souqs, a cistern, a mosque and a school, a shrine AKA Imamzadeh, a caravanserai and a bathhouse.

Bazaar of Kashan is considered as one of the most essential points of interest in Iran. Not only this bazaar has marvelous adornment and superb decorations but also its perfect traditional ambience of the eastern bazaars and Souqs is the reason why it’s considered so distinguished. In addition to that you can also pay a visit to this remarkable bazaar in order to purchase rare souvenirs and unique handicrafts with the highest quality.

The traditional bazaar of Kashan is quite smaller than the other bazaars of Iran which can make it easier for the tourists to stroll through it and have a spectacular time experiencing the act of shopping in an eastern bazaar. This bazaar is also composed of various sections, like other historical bazaars, each section exclusively belongs to a specific trading center and consequently, you’ll be able to observe a section dedicated to the coppersmiths an their copper products, or spot another section dedicated to shoe stores only. The most fundamental trading center of carpet business and rug marketing is the well known Amin Odowleh Timcheh and you can also find copper dishes and decorations at the coppersmiths section of the bazaar. Other special products and items such as rosewater and herbal extracts, pottery masterpieces and handicrafts can are offered in unrivaled prices in this bazaar as well. Amin Odowleh Timcheh, commonly known as the Amin Odowleh caravanserai is the most extraordinarily splendid section of the bazaar. It’s a 3 storey building with an incredibly high roof and a wide stunning arche that is extraordinarily rare nowadays. A small proportion of the numerous attractive features of this structure are the splendidly enchanting decorations and splendiferous embellishments, phenomenal geometrical masterpieces, structure’s strong stability and extreme resistance, striking design and impressive architecture.
In addition to that, the presence of the colorful carpets has made the Amin Odowleh Timcheh to become a brilliant colorful dimension in which fascinating colors and wondrous patterns play an important role.

One of the positive features of the traditional bazaars is that you get to socialize with the locals along with receiving astonishing deals and bargains, and also you get to visit every aspect of the historical world and architectural features of this ancient universe.

The bazaar has no entrance fee and is free to the general. It’s highly recommended to dedicate an entire afternoon for paying a visit to this bustling bazaar and vibrant souq of Kashan.

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