Apply procedure at the embassy

If it’s in your case to apply at an Iranian embassy in your country, please check the requirements carefully based on your nationality.

The delivered tourist visa at the embassy is valid for three months, and the authorized length of stay in Iran is the same as the VOA (visa on arrival), which is one month. It usually takes 2 weeks delay for you to obtain the visa from embassy, basically the delay duration depends on each embassy,

Visa and travel conditions for citizens of United States, United Kingdom and Canada

It is mandatory for American citizens, as well as Canadian and British, to be accompanied by an authorized guide during their trip to Iran. Thus, to obtain a visa, citizens from those countries must contact an official tour agency or an official private tour guide to get through the visa procedure.

Israelis citizens willing to travel to Iran

Citizens holding an Israeli passport are currently not allowed to enter Iran.

The case of dual Iranian nationality

In this matter Iran ‘s law does not recognize dual citizenship, so foreign citizens whose mother, father or husband are Iranians, are themselves considered as Iranian. Hence, they must enter the country with their Iranian passport.

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