Fin garden

Fin garden is one of the most picturesque and fundamental attraction sites of Kashan which also contains other various attractions within itself such as the Fin bathhouse.

The garden is approximately 33799 square meters wide and due the unique way of the wall’s structure of the garden, cylindrical towers and bulwarks all around the garden, all together have brought about a majestic and perfectly splendid scenery which is the key reason why the garden is called Shah garden as well.

In an architectural point of view, this garden has a lot to say since it’s been gifted with such an exceptional design and extraordinary architecture which all made it possible for the garden to be on the top 9 best gardens of Iran in the worldwide listing.

Fin garden is situated on one of the old traditional districts of Kashan called Fin neighborhood. Since this neighborhood possesses fountains and stream of lucid water, in the olden times, it had a great matter of interest to king’s attention and emperors of that time. Hence the ancient complex of Fin was built in this area and in different periods of times it was renovated several times and other sections were added to it by various kings and emperors.

In the 1616, the structure of this historical building was damaged badly due to a trembling earthquake.

The remnants of the damaged building is known as the Old Fin Garden which includes all the areas that are around the current Fin garden.

After several years from that unfortunate incident, the current Fin garden was built which nowadays it’s called the new Fin garden. During the construction procedure of the new Fin garden, skyscrapping circular towers were added to to the garden and a huge street was built between the area that connects the old garden to the new one which was mostly used for holding various competitions such as the polo competitions. There numerous elements in this garden that have made it unique, which the most important of all is water.

The element of water is so fundamental that it has been used in this complex in many sections countless times. As a matter of fact, the presence of lucid water streams, sparkling lakes and a lakehouse, and also the water fountains all indicate the true essence of this element in desert regional dry cities such as Kashan which acts as an element of surprise on its own and will lead to the creation of an astonishingly picturesque scenery in the garden.

There is a pool which is also known as the wishing pond in the Fin garden. It is accustomed that if you drop a coin in the pond, your wish may come true in return. It’s quite a fascinating bargain, isn’t it? As a matter of course, most of the visitors and tourists have already filled up the pond with numerous coins.

It’s noteworthy to mention another intriguing section of the garden which is the cobblestone passage that is located in the middle of the garden and the north-east side and also the south-west side of the garden which each lead to a different gorgeous building.

Another exquisite feature that has a notable impact on the elegance of the garden is the trees. In reality, there are plentiful amount of trees that are mostly plane and cypress trees. It is reputed that each of them have existed for a long period of time. Additionally, one of the most age-old trees of the garden is the Layla and Majnun plane tree which is approximately 500 years old and are situated near the Qajar castle.

It is recommended to visit the magnificent views and outstanding sceneries of the this marvelous garden in either spring or summer time to witness the true natural beauty of it on its peak. Although in autumn and winter, there are impressively unique features and extraordinarily exceptional elements added to this attraction that you cannot miss.

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