Aali Qapu Palace

Aali Qapu palace of Isfahan, is an exceptionally intriguing attraction site which is still standing firmly stable after almost 400 years. This unprecedented palace in Isfahan possesses an extraordinarily stunning architecture.

City of Isfahan was chosen as the capital city of Iran several times in different eras and historical periods due to its unique geographical position and its distance from the country’s frontiers. For instance, the Safavid dynasty chose Isfahan as their capital. Hence, invaluable and precious ancient monuments were left behind from this era.

The Aali Qapu Palace is situated on the Naqsh-e Jahan Square. Naqsh-e Jahan Square has a rectangular shape which includes 4 worthwhile ancient monuments such as Aali Qapu palace, Shaah mosque AKA Abbas mosque or Imam mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque and Qeysarie gate within itself.

The Aali Qapu palace which is one of the most spectacular points of interest in Isfahan is located on the western side of Naqsh-e Jahan historical complex, right across the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque. The majestic structure of this palace has prolonged steady and stable for 400 years.

When you stand in the Naqsh-e Jahan area in front of the the glorious palace of Aali Qapu, it seems like the palace is two floors only. But as a matter of fact, Aali Qapu is six floors with the height of 48 meters. The dazzling portico of the palace will intoxicate your eyes with its gloriously magnificent columns that are made of plane tree wood. Overall, Aali Qapu floors were divided into public and private sections. As such, the first floor as the entrance of the palace, was considered a public section and was accessible to various people.

The second floor was the provision and supply section, the third floor was also a public section and in service of the king’s guests or in other words a guest room. The rest of the floors were the king’s private areas and were a part of his privacy.

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