Amir Chakhmaq complex

Amir Chakhmaq is one of the best places to visit historical landmarks and ancient highlights inYazd.

Amongst the rare and historical sites of the Yazd, Amir Chakhmaq square is one of the most distinguished and glorious complexes of this city that you cannot miss.

Amir Chakhmaq complex is a set of ancient notewrothy structures that each are uniqe in their own way. This spectacular complex is consisted of a stunning mosque, antique bazaar, a tekyeh, a time-honored mausoleum, two long-standing cisterns and the remarkable symmetrical sunken alcoves.
The first building that was constructed from this complex is the Amir Chakhmaq mosque which is the second vast mosque of Yazd after Jame mosque.

The distinctive features of the mosque’s architecture is the reason why it’s so momentous. For instance, one of these features is the numerous entries that the mosque contains which has made it so easy to reach from any direction. Another notable feature that needs to be mentioned is that the complex contains two particular bedchambers. Due to the temperature difference from summer to winter, each of them is specially designed for one of the seasons.

Last but not least, the splendid tileworks of the porch and the altar is another significant feature of the mosque that attracts any traveler.

The best time for having a trip to Yazd and paying a visit to this eminent complex is from March to May and in autumn. You can also buy various products and memorable souvenirs from the ancient bazaar of Amir Chakhmaq square such as Persian fabric, traditional sweets, Persian carpets and so on.

Another interesting point that needs to be said is that this
square has traditionally been a place where special ceremonies, special events, religious rituals and even demonstrations and protests are held. One of the main religious rituals that is held here in Muharram each year is “The Palm-Carrying ritual” that attracts tons of visitors by itself annually. Amir Chakhmaq square is the square of numerous wonders.

As you stroll through it, you’ll feel the present and the past simultaneously, as if you’re caught between these timelines. So enjoy each of these moments as you’re exploring the sites and gazing at the gorgeously adorned minarets for hours. Yazd is a city where you must make the most the present and live in the moment.

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