Vakil Bazaar

One of the many ancient attractions that you definitely must not miss in Shiraz is the extensive complex of Vakil bazaar.

It has been said that the best architectures of the Zand era were summoned upon in order for this fundamental structure to come into existence with an adaption of Safavid architecture.

Vakil Bazaar consists of arches that are embellished with medallion designs, perpendicular archways, four different particularized departments for each branch of the product, that are perpendicular to each other and a tremendous intersection where the two main paths of bazaar meet which is known as ‘Chahar Sugh’.

The bazaar itself is made up of courtyards, bath houses, caravanserais and bustling shops which you can buy unique souvenirs and mementos such as Persian carpets and rugs, handmade copper handicrafts, antiques and collectibles, exotic spices and flavors, Persian sweets, high-grade fabric, pure distilled herbal extract, textiles, household objects and leather products from merchants, drapers, wholesalers, saddlers, silk sellers, and so on with the lowest price possible.

This antiquated eminent trading center which is lying at the heart of Shiraz, will undoubtedly create the perfect eastern ambience.

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