Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan

Agha Bozorg mosque in Kashan is considered a perfectly splendid attraction site. The mosque and school of Agha Bozorg is one of the most majestic and glorious ancient landmarks of Iran that ideally illustrates the magnificence and grandeur of the Iranian architecture. The Agha Bozorg complex is consisted of a grand mosque and a stunning school which all share a multi-storey building due to the compact land. Hence, this mosque is the one and only five floor mosque of the world.

The structure of Agha Bozorg mosque and the school were built right after the effects of the architectural elements of the west on Iranian architecture. You could observe such inspirations from the western architecture in the Aali Qapu palace of Isfahan and Tehran’s Golestan palace as well. Other group of structures such as Isfahan’s Imam mosque are a thorough inspiration from the traditional Iranian architecture after Islam and are built completely different. The one unique feature that distinguishes the great complex of Agha Bozorg from the contemporaneous historical buildings is that it niether obeys the features of the traditional Iranian architecture nor the western architecture features. In other words, this structure was built based on the principles of the Iranian architecture and yet, it holds recognizable contradictions and unprecedented innovations.

You can perceive these extraordinarily unprecedented perspective, that are in perfect coherence with the evolutions of time, in surface differences, creation of storeys, a new approach toward the capacity and volume of the structure, a whole new comprehension of the space and the decorations. Only a few amounts of buildings are designed based on these principles, therefore you can’t find these kind of structures in the contemprory era and that’s what makes the great majestic complex of Agha Bozorg so exclusive and unique throughout Iran.

Kashan is known for its aromatic rosewater and its florid gardens. The great city of Kashan is one of the most eminent metropolises of Iran since it has has a worldwide reputation for its civilization. Hence you’ll encounter numerous amount of historical attraction sites. If you intend to know more about the flower and rosewater history of the Kashan, then you are recommended to visit the one and only five-floor Agha Bozorg mosque and its school. You’ll be experiencing a whole new side of Kashan’s history while visiting this astounding landmark.

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