Golestan palace in Tehran

Golestan palace also known as the rose garden palace, is undoubtedly one of the most prominent royal palaces of Tehran.

This mansion, being the only complex of Tehran that is registered as a world heritage site, is situated on the 15th of Khordad Square and includes 13 distinctive and individual museums which are on any tourist’s recommendation list and cannot be missed. This extraordinary historical complex is approximately 450 years old and is one of the most exceptional ancient landmarks of Iran.

Golestan palace is consisted of a set of palaces and mansions around the Royal Citadel of Tehran, the ruling center where the Qajar kings used to reign over the country for almost 150 years.

The rose garden palace has played host to the Persian kings and emperors forever and a day.

This complex is a world of artistry owing to the fact that it’s stocked with Iranian splendid paintings and unique tileworks. The exterior area of the complex contains skyscrapping trees, ponds and pools that all in one have created an exquisite scenery for photography. Make sure to enjoy the environment to the fullest before entering the royal mansion.

One of the most distinguished buildings of the complex is the Shams Ol-Emareh structure which used to symbolize the capital city of Iran. This soaring building is considered as one of the most eminent structures of the Golestan Palace. This structure is extraordinarily sophisticated in its design and decoration and even with 5 floors it is still an honorable mention among the tallest towers of Tehran. Shams Ol-Emareh is also the first full metal building in the history of Tehran. The astonishing mirror decorations, paintings and stucco works will assuredly mesmerize you for hours.
It is said that the architecture of the palace is a fusion of the Iranian-Islamic architecture with the European classic and neoclassic designs. So either if you’re an art enthusiast or an architecture aficionado or even a history admirer, then you must pay a visit to this majestic imperial palace.

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