Tabiat Bridge of Tehran, Iran

Nature Bridge, commonly known as Tabiat Bridge amongst the Iranian, is one of the most iconic symbols of Tehran that represents remarkable architectural features.

Additionally, it presents the visitors with a phenomenal scenery of the city. This picturesque bridge is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Tehran that both domestic and foreign tourists pay a visit to this point of interest to enjoy the extraordinary landscape of the city and also to try out the numerous cafés and restaurants on the bridge.

The nature bridge of Tehran is composed of 3 main floors, constructed in a way that adjoins 2 of the most distinguished parks of Tehran together. It’s noteworthy to mention that the bridge is a pedestrian overpass and no vehicles are allowed to cross it. Hence, this bridge is the largest pedestrian overpass in Iran and even in the Middle East.

The grand pedestrian bridge of nature has been countless international prizes such as the 2016 Aga Khan architecture award, due to its unique and exceptional architecture.

Tabiat bridge contains, as some people might say, organic design and architecture, since its columns are similar to trees and have done a great job of camouflage with the nature whilst connecting 2 of the most popular parks of Tehran together. The outter perspective of the bridge seems like entangled branches of a tree.

You will be stunned by the many astounding landscapes and spectacular views that are perfect for capture their moments with a photograph. Photography enthusiasts will assuredly be thrilled while they are in the heart of the nature. While you’re strolling on the bridge, 40 meters above the ground that continues for 300 meters, you’ll get the feeling as if you’re floating through space. You can try this midair experience throughout the day and night from 6 am in the brightness of the morning till 12 pm in the middle of the night.

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