Khaju Bridge in Isfahan

Khaju bridge is one of the most splendid historical bridges of Isfahan. Strolling over this bridge, especially around the sunset and midnight hours, is an extraordinarily joyful experience that all visitors must have in mind.

Khaju bridge was artistically built 350 years ago in the 1640. The bridge is right above the Zayanderud river in the so called city of Isfahan.

The ancient Khaju bridge contains the length of 133 meters, width of 12 meters and a 5.7 meters passage entry. This bridge has 24 arches and 2 lion sculptures.

Symmetry and proportion and other sophisticated construction features was used In architecture of the bridge. In a way that every little detail was repeated regularly and in a specific order in the construction which all lead to creation of a picturesque scenery due to the equally geometric spaces and shapes.

Khaju bridge not only was a transportation passage but it also contained the royal structure within its heart so that the kings and imperial relatives could have accommodated temporarily. There was also a royal dais built and was used by the imperial ranks during the canoeing and swimming competitions in order to observe the contests.

Another ingenious feature of this bridge is its utilization as a dam which would have spawned a lake with a scenic view which could have been used for recreational such as boating as well. Also they used its water to irrigate the lower farm lands during the droughty season of summer. On top of that, the lake’s water was used to increase the water supplies of the nearby wells and other underground water sources. One of the Isfahan’s promenades is the Khaju bridge which can create a thrilling experience for you due to its distinctive features such as the stream of Zayanderud river. Your eyes and ears will be intoxicated with the pleasant sound of the water stream combined with the bridge’s luminous lighting that all in one will create an unforgettable memory in the moment.

Even the local people spend their long summer nights in the presence of their family or friends after a long exhausting day by this bridge. Some of which will even accompany you with a song that will result in a delightful feeling.

You can also use the Khaju bridge’s surroundings since it’s a park and gardening area to explore and relax in its tranquility.

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