Mount Tochal in Tehran

Mount Tochal entertainment center is situated near the north of Tehran, and it also includes cable cars and several telecabin station, a skiing piste, sleds and sledges, bungee jumping and much more. On top of the usual entertaining activities such as mountaineering, skiing and riding a gandola, you’ll be amused by other rare mesmerizing recreational activities, from sled rides to archery and VR game center which can all provide you with an adventurous and thrilling experience.

Tochal is the name of a mountain peak in the north of Tehran which is approximately 3963 meters tall, measuring from the sea surface, which is only a part of the Alborz mountain range.

The southern hillside of the Tochal mount is adjacent to the city of Tehran and its long peak directly overlooks the city, creating a picturesque landscape.

Tochal Telecabinis one of the most popular attractions of Tochal that is consisted of 3 major cables and 7 stations, a telemark skiing cable and 3 telesiege cables. The first station is at the height of 1900 meters, the second and third ones are at the height of 2480 meters, the fifth and the six stations are at the height of 2910 meters and the seventh one is at the height of 3680 meters. This telecabin with the length of 7500 meters is one of the longest rides of gondola which can simply get you to the height of 3680 meters, measuring from the surface of the sea, so that you can inhale the delightful fresh air into your lungs and enjoy Tehran’s highlands to its fullest.

If you’re even a little tempted to take a ride on the gandola of Tochal, you should know that the best time to experience that joyful ride is from April to May and September to November.

Tochal’s piste is one of the most visited ski pistes of the capital and is also considered as the nearest one to the city. The mentioned piste is the first snowbound ski piste of Iran that is accessible for 8 months of the year if it rains which is due to its height which is like 3500 meters on the 7th station. Tochal’s piste with the length of 1200 meters, starts from the bottom of the Tochal mountain peak around 3850 meters high and continues until it reaches the nearby hotel at the height of 3550 meters.

The hiking route of Tochal begins at the main parking and continues for 2km till it reaches the first station. This route is commonly known as the health road amongst people and it ends Tehran’s roof also known as Bame Tehran among the Persians.

The first station is not only the ending of the hiking road but it’s also the beginning of another journey here, the starting point of the mountain climbing which lasts till you arrive at the top of the peak. The distance from the first station until the second one is something around 3.5 km, from the second one to the fifth station is approximately 6.2 km, fifth to seventh is almost 5.3 km and from seventh station to Tochal’s hotel is around 1.9 km which all in total equals to 17 km.

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