Milad Tower of Tehran

Milad Tower is a prominent structure that is a symbol of Tehran alongside the Azadi Tower and The Bridge of Nature. Due to its satisfying customer services and wide range of recreational activities, the tower has been a popular site amongst the citizens. Even though using the top facilities of the tower has its own costs and expenses but the lower part facilities and complex’s precinct are free to use.

Milad Tower is 435 meters long that is the outcome of 11 years of hard work. This glimmering gem in the capital city is the 3rd tallest skyscraper in the Middle East and the 6th tallest telecommunication structure in the world.

The lower section of the tower includes an entrance lobby and six commercial floors, two of the bottom floors are utilized for various sections of industrial establishments and facilities. On the ground floor you can find the reception that welcomes the visitors from all over the world. The tower has a wide range of divisions such as malls and shopping centers, restaurants, cafeterias and exhibits that you can find in every corner this place.
There are six elevators in the tower that connects the lower floors to the top circular floor on top of the tower. While you’re on top the tower, you can enjoy the 360-degree picturesque view of Tehran. You’ll be thrilled by the diverse range of restaurants and cafés in the tower. The tower also hosts celebrations and is usually where parties and concerts are held.

One of the most visited attractions of the tower that enchants many visitors is called the open observation deck or observatory which is located on the top of the head structure with 280 meters of height and occupies 3000 square meters of area on the 7th floor. There are specific binoculars located all around this section in order to catch the dazzling view of Tehran from every angle possible.

Milad Tower is the modernity symbol of Tehran and never fails to amaze visitors. Imagine walking by this high-rise building in the middle of the night, the perfectly splendid lighting designs can create an extraordinary ambience in your mind. This multipurpose skyline will definitely be a different yet entertaining and delightful experience that you can’t miss.

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