Old town of Yazd

Old town of Yazd is one of the most uninfluenced residential textures throughout the history of Iran with the immensity of 700 hectares. This time-honored texture is considered as one of the most visited sites of Yazd since it holds appraised combination of old houses, adobe alleys, unique architectural features such as Sabats and numerous ancient landmarks.
The ancient city of Yazd is distinguished by its historical architectural style in designing structures and mud-brick buildings that can only be seen in the prolonged attractions of Yazd’s ancient texture.

The most interesting part of the historical texture of Yazd is the natural air conditioning system that are called wind towers. These so called ancient “Badgirs” are columnar structures that are specifically designed in a polygonal shape. They are usually constructed in a rectangular or octagonal shape in order to catch the winds and guide them downwards into the main buildings.

Another interesting feature that you might notice while exploring the old town of Yazd is that the whole neighborhood is surrounded by long walls. You might wonder why that is. The main reason is to use their long shadows in the warmth of the day.

The historical texture can be found in the center of the city. Not only the whole area is counted as a tourist attraction site but also it is where citizens of Yazd have been living since the beginning of the history of Yazd. The whole neighborhood is considered as the vastest area that has remained the same after all these years and kept its historical context for such a long time.

Since this area contains numerous world heritage sites and various unique attraction sites, the unaltered texture of Yazd is the fundamental cause why this city was chosen as the first city of Iran to be registered in the UNESCO world heritage list of attraction sites in 2017.

The historical context of Yazd attracts a large number of tourists worldwide. As you stroll down through the mudbrick and adobe alleys of the area you’ll run into the ancient attraction sites and historical landmarks as well which all in one, will give you the feeling as if you’ve travelled back in time. To a time once kings from different dynasties reigned over the city in different timelines, from Safavid to Qajar era. You’ll be mesmerized in the depth of history as you discover every little unique feature of this historical area. You cannot miss a guaranteed time travel experience in the olden days in the ancient texture of the Yazd.

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