Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Grand Bazaar , also known as the economic heart of Iran, is one of the most vibrant historical bazaars of Iran which is situated at the center of the city. This enormous bazaar occupies more than one square kilometers of territory. You can purchase a wide range and variety of products at this bazaar. The architecture of the bazaar itself is businesswise and economically sophisticated and it is consisted of wholesalers, retailers, warehouses, workshops and etcetra.

The Tehran Grand Bazaar, like any other antique bazaars, is compromised of maze-like corridors, vaulting or rough brick arches, adorned domes and other countless structures that each were accurately built. Even though the grand bazaar has altered in many ways due to the course of time, the old original structures have prolonged for a long time and that’s what makes the bazaar so exceptional. The old parts of the bazaar were constructed in arch like and dome like shapes and the holes between the domes provide the light of the interior parts of the bazaar during the day. These cavities also have a major roll in ventilation of the air.

The grand bazaar of Tehran is considered as one of the most fundamental marketplaces in regards of business and marketing of products in Iran. On the other hand you can participate in plenty of different activities while shopping at the bazaar. You get to pay a visit to the nearby historical attractions of the bazaar, or participate in the bazaar’s exclusive ceremonies, or even try out the taste of the exotic foods that you’ve never experienced before in your life at the nearby traditional restaurants.

Tourist attraction sites near the bazaar:
Here are some of the most eminent tourist attraction sites near the bustling and vibrant bazaar.

The City park

One of the oldest parks of Tehran, located near the traditional antique bazaar of Tehran with more than 25 hectares of land and 8 entries, is the magnificent so-called City park.

The Golestan palace

The Golestan palace, with more than 400 years of age, is one of the most recommended landmarks of Tehran that you cannot miss after visiting the grand bazaar.

The Moghaddam Museum

This priceless house is located near one of the routes leading to the bazaar called Hassan Abad Square. This museum is a traditional and historical house which is well known for its marvelous architecture and the unique objects that are held within the mesuem itself.

Chahar Souq

Chahar Souq in the bazaar
Four gigantic souqs and four tiny souqs connect Tehran’s bazaars together. The gigantic ones were built in the Qajar and Zand era and count as one of the oldest structures of the Tehran’s bazaar which are architecturally valuable due to the splendid plaster works.

The Jameh Mosque

One of the oldest and largest mosques of all time with more than hundred years of age and almost 4500 square meters of land is a destination that you must visit.

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