Pasargadae historical complex with its archaeological remnants from the Achaemenes era, which was founded in the heartland of the Persians, is considered as one of the most epochal tourist attractions of Shiraz.

For any of you who is eager to take a deeper look into the exceptional Achaemenes civilization, the first great multicultural empire in Western Asia, and the numerous wonders it had held, Pasargadae, the earliest capital of the Achaemenid empire which means ‘Throne of Pars’, is the perfect destination to visit.

Pasargadae historical complex is constituted of a series of royal buildings, the mausoleum of Cyrus the great, being the most prominent and reputed part of this archeological site which is splendidly displayed on the edge of the main palace complex, the reception hall, royal palaces such as the gateway palace, the audience palace and the residential or the private palace, the royal four garden of Pasargadae , the fountains and the waterways, the ruins of the stone tower, the Tal Takht, the fortress of Pasargadae, the fire temple and a sacred yard, the Mozaffari caravanserai and the Atabaki mosque.

Each of these ancient sites is a whole breathtaking world to explore and get mesmerized by their multicultural architecture forms and designs, art and sculpture, materials and substances.

This superb architectural legacy stands as an exceptional representation to the Achaemenes civilization and has proven to be the origin of the Persian architecture principles.

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