Eram Garden in Shiraz

Eram Garden is a landmark where every corner of it is a reminiscent of the promised paradise and have brought fore the masterpiece of Iranian architecture.

Even by looking at the pictures of Eram Garden, you can already tell it’s more captivating than the other destinations you’d want to visit.

The decorations and architecture of this garden are unprecedented and will amaze you with the glory of Iranian art.

The main mansion on the center of the garden, holds many secrets within its gorgeously ornamented walls that you would want to seek out.Both the outside and inside of the building is adorned with unique ceramic tile works depicting mythological and literary figures or inscribed with poems in calligraphy. Thanks to the construction of the astonishing mansion on high grounds, the outlook of it is picturesque.

This mansion concludes of three floors and several parts, each bearing extraordinary features, such as the artistically manufactured mirror hall in the center, a primary antique porch, The jewelry museum containing the rarest gems, crystals and the precious Daria-i-Noor royal diamond that would fill you with a sense of thrill.

On the other hand, the rectangular pond in front of the mansion with its delightful fountains reflecting back the illustration of the mansion as if it’s the garden of Eden floating in the sky, embellished with lush aromatic flora, is a completion to the otherworldly beauty of this garden.

En pasant, The tallest Cedar in the whole city abides in Eram Garden. In addition to all these, the epigraphic remnants from… era in the northeast of the garden, can perfectly satisfy your historical enthusiasm. As a bonus entertainment, you can wear traditional clothes and take a memorial photo in Eram Garden.

In this way, you will look like the people who once lived in this beautiful garden, enjoying happy moments with your family.

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