Sa'adabad Palace

Sa’adabad palace is only one of the three majestic and historical palaces, located in the north of Tehran, in which Iranian kings and emperors used to live in the olden days.

Nowadays, this grand and glorious complex is one of Tehran’s most distinguished points of interest. It is recommended that tourists visit this attraction site as soon as they arrive at Tehran.

Previously, Sa’adabad Palace was among Tehran’s best country sites in the summer, since it overlooked the lush valley of Darband and the whole area was filled with flourishing trees, it was blessed with delicate weather even in the heat of summer. As the time passed by, the cities became bigger and bigger and more structures were built up to the point which this complex was no longer considered as a country site for the reason that it’s in the heart of the city.

The diverse palaces of the Sa’adabad complex have been repurposed after the Iran’s revolution in 1979 and became museums since then.

There are 18 fundamental buildings from the huge and tiny palaces of the complex that have been put to various uses. Some of those are utilized as museums and some palaces are utilized officially by the government and even the presidential organs.

On top of the splendid palaces and the intriguing museums, there’s also another high quality feature to this complex, its stunning nature. Each corner of its yard is brimmed with blossoming long Platanus trees. Not to mention that there are even more diverse species of plants and trees except the Plane trees.

It’s recommended to visit the complex in spring or autumn so that you can make the most of its natural views. In spring, flowers and trees will bless the complex a new fresh look with their lush leaves. The pleasant aroma of the colorful blossoms will undoubtedly delight the visitors in that time of the year. But all that is nothing compared to the most romantic atmosphere of the Sa’adabad in the autumn.

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