Saadi Shirazi Temple in Shiraz

Saadi Shirazi commonly known as master of ethics whose poems with all their moral and social values have been touching so many hearts through centuries.

Since the Saadi Shirazi Temple is situated at the northeast of Shiraz on a hillside, it is presented with an astonishing scenery. As soon as you enter his mausoleum the poetic atmosphere of the garden drowns you in and fills you with a sense of enthusiasm to explore its magnificent sites, one of which is Saadi’s tombstone, located in the center of an octagonal mansion with walls of marble and an azure arch, placed in a beautiful tranquillizing garden in commemoration of him.

Over the tomb, there is an arch made of turquoise tiles. On the seven walls of the building, there are seven inscriptions on which parts of Golestan and Bustan’s monumental verses are embroidered.

Furthermore, There is the mysterious fish pond on the left side of the mausoleum where was the local people’s ceremonies held in the olden days.The water flowing in the pond is emanated from a qanat or aqueduct the people of Shiraz considered as holy.

Ever wanted to have one of your wishes granted? The coin pool at the front of the terrace can fulfil that at the price of only a coin! This perfect secret-keeper is where you can get immersed in the mystical and calm atmosphere, unburdening the secrets deep buried within your heart.

The Saadi Shirazi Temple is an entrancing fusion of traditional and contemporary architectural elements in conjunction with a vast delightful garden and monuments of one of the world’s most accomplished poets, all together creating a mystical aura which makes it a must-visit destination.

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