All about Iran Visa Application Requirements

Most travellers who want to visit Iran as their touristic or business destination have many question about the application and process. As an authorized Iranian Travel company we are honoured to help you within the process. Please read the information carefully and do not hesitate to ask any question. Our experts are 24 online to answer all of your questions. Here is important detail and all you need to know about Iranian Tourism Visa and other types of Visa to visit Iran.

We recommend you start the visa application process at least two weeks before your scheduled travel. If you do the process online, it will take at least 3 business days and then but if you choose to collect your visa at the airport or Iranian embassy or consulate, you will need enough time to go there and maintain all the process.

Check if you need visa to visit Iran

All foreign tourists require visa to travel to Iran but based on some political circumstances, citizens of the following countries do not need visa to travel to Iran:

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Georgia, Malaysia, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, Lebanon, Serbia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, China and Oman

What documents are required to get visa to Iran?

Passport: A passport with at least 6 months’ validity and two blank pages

Photograph: A passport-sized photograph in colour, photo must be taken within the last three months.

 Paid visa fee:  A fee must be paid to Iranian consulate or the visa office at the airport. The amount of fee depends on the nationality of traveller. it is payable in cash- Euro or US dollar. (This is a kind of official fee and it is completely different from the visa service fee you pay to your visa authorization code).

Travel insurance document: A document that proves you have travel health insurance valid for the period of time you stay Iran. your travel Insurance can easily be purchased online by our experts.

How to get Iran tourist visa?

  • You can directly go to the Iranian embassy in your country or directly visit the website of Iranian ministry of foreign affairs (MFA).

because of some issues like long waiting times and high risk of rejection we recommend to start out the procedure online and then continue the circumstances to the embassy or consulate.

  • Get the visa at airport (VOA)

To get the visa on arrival (VOA) at 5 international airports in Iran, you need the authorization code so you must apply at least Three days earlier to get the authorization code. We highly recommend you to apply for Iran visa before you get the airport:

Money saving: there is at least 30% cost difference between visa requirements in advance and VOA, so you can save up money for your travel.

Time saving: The process of obtaining your visa code will take at least three days, so may have experience a long waiting time.

Reduce the risks: Reduces the risk of getting rejected by your arrival and sometime may your airline not let you board the plane without a visa.

Avoid getting confused: our staff makes it easier for you to overcome the process

Citizens who do not qualify for VOA: Some countries including the US, UK, Canada, Colombia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan cannot make a request for Iran visa at airport.

  • Entrust the process to our experts to get the authorization code (reference code) in advance.

To get the visa through our website in advance you should know the steps:

Fill in the application form carefully.

Pay the visa application service fee

We apply for your visa through Iran ministry of foreign affairs website.

Within 3-7 days you will be received the visa authorization code.Within 25 days, you can collect your visa at an Iranian embassy, consulate or airport.

Iran Tourist Visa in Details:

Iran tourist visa is for almost all nationalities. All who are interested in traveling to Iran as groups or individuals can apply for this visa. This visa is also best for family visitation purposes. The duration of this visa can vary from 14 to 30 days based on application. You can apply for a maximum 90 days’ extension easily in major cities once in Iran. We at Iran Visa section of IranforAll Travel apply for your Iran tourist visa but the clearance is done through Iran ministry of foreign affairs and we cannot influence or change their decisions.

Authorization code

The visa authorization number is a 6 or 7-digit number that refers to your specific visa application case. This code is valid for 25 days in the Iran embassy or consulate that you have chosen to collect your visa at. Please choose your visa collection location (consulate/ embassy/ airport) accurately since change in location is not usually possible. Visa obtain policy, waiting time, and many other factors vary in different embassies and consulate.

Visa service fee

The visa fee which is apart from our service fee varies based on nationality. Some embassies may issue the visa within 1-2 hours but others may keep your passport for up to a week.

Iran Visa Fee

IranforAll Travel visa service fees per passport is 25 Euro, this is apart from the visa fee which will be collected when your visa is stamped in your passport. we will manage the method of payment for you. This fee is subject to discount if you apply for further travel services. If you choose one of our tour packages, your visa fee will be processed free of our service charge. Our tour packages are either tailored to your choices or popular predetermined packages. Check Iran tours for more information.

How to Travel to Iran

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