Shah Cheragh Mausoleum in Shiraz

Shah Cheragh Mausoleum, meaning ‘’King of the light’’, is one of the most distinguished sites of worship and pilgrimage situated in Shiraz which attracts millions of tourists and pilgrims annually to this funerary monument with its mythic past. This increasingly sprawling temple is comprised of numerous sights that will assuredly marvel you and leave you in awe.

The Shah Cheragh complex is consisted of various sections such as the original portico, with ten columns on the east side that are covered with exquisite embroidery, the spacious sanctuary with large alcoves on four sides, and a mosque located on the west side of the sanctuary plus various sections such as administrative buildings, antique bazaars, spectacular arcades, a library, a mythical museum and adjacent tombstones. As soon as you enter inside the great chamber of worship, your attention will be drawn to breathtaking interior design, with millions of glittering shards of glass pieces and small mirrors covering nearly every surface, giving its dome a shimmering glow as if it’s casting beams of colorful rays across the galaxy. The Shah Cheragh shrine’s architecture, mirror decorations and mirror-glass mosaics, plasterworks and the silver-plated doors of the porch, calligraphies and inscriptions in stucco, inlaid columns, glazing tiled dome and gilded minaret tops are all valuable examples of stunning Islamic artwork and design.

If you intend to be marveled by the sheer beauty of this wonderful “exploded mirror ball” and take a deeper look into the history, design, and other aspects of this unique treasured pilgrimage monument, don’t hesitate to choose our tour packages and Visa services in order to assure your trip to Iran and visit this and many other wonders of Shiraz.

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